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A Mom & Pop's Pond Farm

Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in beautiful Delaware County - Skytop Springs is a local, family-owned and operated farm business dedicated to producing healthy and high quality freshwater fish.

In Upstate NY we are fortunate to have an abundance of healthy natural resources. Delaware County contains two reservoirs which supplies pristine drinking water to over 8 million New York City residents. The connection we all share to these resources is what inspired our family to want to produce healthy food in a sustainable and responsible manner, implementing the newest and most effective practices to yield the highest quality fish, to save on energy use and minimizing the affects we have on our environment.


With the increased attention on farming and in particular the effects human activity is having on our oceans – we decided that this was the perfect time to start something special we could learn and grow together for the greater good and with respect for the environment.

We are dedicated to offering the best products, service and experience possible so we encourage your feedback which will allow us to get better. Thank you for choosing Pop's Pond Farms and Skytop Springs Fish Farm!

Pops Pond Farms, LLC

DBA Skytop Springs Fish Farm

Pop's Pond • Sidney Center, NY



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