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Fish Farming
Done right.

At our farm we currently raise ONLY Kamloops Rainbow Trout. We hatch our fish starting from certified disease free eggs. We grow our trout using only the highest quality feed on the market to ensure the strongest, healthiest and tastiest fish possible. Our fish are grown only in fresh, clean, cold mountain spring water. With a commitment to responsible farming practices and a focus on sustainability we are constantly monitoring our water quality and adapting to make the smallest possible impact on the environment. When you eat our trout, feel good about that fact that you're eating healthy, natural and sustainably produced trout; all the things we think are important to not just growing fish to eat but just to life in general.

Enjoy and thank you for choosing us!

At Skytop Springs, we raise ONLY Kamloops Rainbow Trout exclusively for food.
We take great pride in how we raise our trout and the quality we achieve.
From the natural spring water we rear the trout in, to the highest quality feed they eat,
every aspect of our trouts lifecycle is monitored and fully traceable.

Why Farmed Trout?

        YEAR-ROUND SUPPLY       
In operation all year, farmed trout provides a consistent supply of healthy, high quality, sustainable food protein with far less of an impact on the environment. Farmed fish also reduces the pressure on wild stocks from overfishing and the effects of habitat depletion.

       IT'S HEALTHY!
Rainbow Trout is a nutritious, low-cholesterol, low-fat source of protein packed with:
   •Omega3 Fatty Acids

   •B-Vitamin Complex
   •Potassium & Selenium
   •Low to No Environmental Contaminants
Trout is great for your heart and other benefits include: helping manage high blood pressure, building muscle strength, boosting metabolism
and contains antioxidants.

Trout require ideal conditions and can only survive and thrive in highly oxygenated water which means it must be fresh, clear, clean and cold water. That's why we raise our trout only in pristine mountain spring water.

With the use of technology to conserve and/or reuse natural resources along with precise feeding methods, trout is an extremely low-impact and efficient way to grow protein.  Fish farmed properly are healthier for you and lessen the impact we have on our wild caught fisheries.

Why Our Trout?

No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormones, No Chemicals, No Artificial Ingredients - in any aspect of the raising or preparation of our trout.

Our trout has been lab tested to show that it
does not contain heavy metals like mercury. Also, it does not have any microplastics which is found in some other sources of wild caught seafood.

Raised on only the highest-quality feed on the market (Bio-Oregon) recognized for its sustainability practices and the first feed company in North America to become Best Aquaculture Certified (BAP). It is also accepted by major grocery retailers such as Whole Foods.
Raised in pristine mountain spring water in the foothills of the Castkills. While we are not located in the NYC Watershed, we are in Delaware County which is home to 2 reservoirs which provides drinking water to over 8 million people and is one of the largest unfiltered water systems in the world. In other words, we have the best water.

From the start our family has been committed to producing the highest quality trout with the smallest impact on the environment. Partnering with nearby SUNY Colleges and receiving a Micro- Agriculture Grant through Delaware County Economic Development - has helped us progress further in pursuit of that goal. We raise our trout from eggs, right up to the time of harvest and processing for an order. Feel good about knowing where your food comes from!

(Oncorhynchus mykiss kamloops)
Native to British Columbia, Kamloops Rainbow Trout are not to be confused with Silver Steelhead. Kamloops have vibrant and striking colors on their skin with a ruby red flesh tone, reminiscent of Salmon. Kamloops are a robust strain of rainbow trout, growing faster and larger in girth than other trout. Not to mention, like all trout, Kamloops are delicious!

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